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For all of your one stop shop tree trimming or tree removal needs, Maui Tree Pros is your go to company.  We also specialize in root and stump removal with our professional stump grinding process.  Serving all of Maui County, we are the experts in tree trimming, and tree removal.  We provide excellent palm tree trimming as well.  Our company provides the highest quality or tree service at the most affordable prices.  We have all of the state of the art equipment to handle any job whether it is a small residential project or a large commercial project.  There really is no job too large or too small for us.

Safety is always first on the list when it comes to tree trimming or tree removal in Maui services.  We always make sure that we are never endangering any of our staff or general public within the area who may be affected by our services.  We have all of the necessary equipment to even trim the tallest palm trees and can handle any large palm tree trimming job.  Timing and accuracy are very important to our team.  We want to always stay on schedule and within budget.  Whether it is a tree trimming job or tree removal, you will never even know our team was there.  Our clean up process is #1 in all of Maui and the highest standards in the industry.  We also provide excellent tree stump grinding as well as root removal services.  Maui Tree Pros has over 2 decades of experience on Maui and we really know our stuff.

We understand there isn’t a lot of tree removal and tree companies to choose from here in Maui and we’ve really worked hard to maintain an excellent rapport with businesses and locals a like.  It’s important for our staff to always be on time, provide the best service and stay within your budget.  Whatever type of tree you are dealing with, we are your professionals to call.  We’ve worked on the tree trimming for some of those beautiful pines up in Kapalua and have done substantially large palm tree trimming jobs for major businesses and condo complexes.  We also can help you with shrub and tree pruning, tree transplanting and even assist with tree installations.  Maui Tree Pros really does it all with the utmost professionalism.  We’re always happy to just come out and take a look at what you’re dealing with and answer any of questions about tree removal or tree trimming. You can also visit our About Us page to learn more about our company.

We don’t just work in West Maui, we can get to your tree service needs over in Wailuku or even up country.  Whatever it takes, we will make it happen.  No matter what size the job, we can provide our team to handle all your tree trimming and tree removal projects.  Our specialties include residential, larger apartment and condo complexes, and even the hospitality industry.  We work closely with several HOA communities and provide annual contracts and estimates for any additional work.  Free, no obligations are always provided and we’re happy to go over any questions or concerns you may have for your tree services.  Our staff is always friendly and on time.  We realize that your life is busy and time is important to everyone.  Get your project on our books today by giving us a call to our knowledgeable phone staff.

Tree trimming, palm tree trimming are also know as pruning.  These services typically will need to be done about once or twice per year depending on the type of tree.  Climate plays a big role in tree trimming or tree pruning process.  The gorgeous Maui climate really allows trees to grow much more rapid than other parts of the country.  With the strong trade winds and Kona winds we get here in Maui, you might find you need tree services much more frequently.

When would you know you may need tree services?

One of the most frequent questions we get is “How do I know when my tree needs to be removed?”  Tree removal is a tricky process and here are some of the common signs that you have a tree problem:

  • Is the bark on the tree chipping or peeling off?
  • Is there fungi, like mushrooms, growing at the base of the trunk?
  • Are there large gaping cracks in the base of the tree?
  • Does the tree have dead hanging branches toward the top of the tree?
  • Are there smaller sized twigs that do not have any living foliage or buds on them?

These are all signs that a tree is failing and may have to be removed.  Our experts will know if a tree can be saved and do everything they can to try and not perform a tree removal.

Palm tree trimming is also one of our specialties.  You can tell that a palm tree will need to be trimmed by the amount of dead palm fronds and the flowery like sprouts that are hanging from the top of the tree.  That is the time to do palm tree trimming as this will allow new growth to come in and make the tree beautiful again.

When you drive up to just about any property or business, one of the first things you notice is how well the property is maintained.  It is really what is called your “first impression” or what professionals call “curb appeal”.  By keeping your property well maintained, this can things to increase in value.  A residential home for sale may get a higher offer where a commercial building may see increased rental rates.  Property values are very much affected when you keep a property clean and neat.

Tree trimming and pruning are necessities especially when they surround a pool and patio area.  Most residential and hotel pool areas have a mass abundance of trees near and around the swimming pool especially here in Maui.  That is what we are known for is swaying palm trees by the pool with a tropical drink in hand.  Tree trimming services, pruning and even tree removal may be needed much more often around these areas.  Tree roots may even start to come up from the ground and lift large pieces of concrete areas around the pool.  This is definitely the time to call Maui Tree Pros and get our team out to remove the tree and its roots before it does substantial damage.  Most likely, our tree stump grinding team will also have to remove the larger roots from endangering trees.

After larger tree removal jobs are done, there is always the tree stump and roots to deal with.  Our highly trained team specialize in what is called tree stump removal or stump grinding.  This is always necessary after a larger tree has been removed as the stump or roots can become a hazard for any foot traffic within the area.  Stump grinding is done with a large circular blade that cuts in a circular motion to the stump or roots.  This process is done over and over until the stump or roots are not above the ground and will not be a problem any longer.

Locally owned and operated, Maui Tree Pros are the experts for all of the island of Maui.  Everyone on our team is highly trained and under go all the necessary training to complete any tree service.  If it is your residential property or even your business, we’ve got you covered for all of your tree removal or tree trimming needs.  We can even help spruce up larger shrubs that may have grown completely out of control.  Give us a call today to get our friendly team out to assess your tree service issues and we’ll be happy to get you a fair and affordable estimate.  We also work with all the Maui insurance agencies in case of emergency tree repair or removal.  We’ll be happy to work with your insurance company and make sure that you have all the necessary information to complete your claim.

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