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Well….where do we start?  I came over from the mainland in my early 20’s and basically all I wanted to do was surf.  I needed some cash so I quickly got a servers job at Longhi’s.  That was a hoot!  I went down that path for about a year until one night I was waiting on a table that was a really cool dude.  We chatted a ton about surfing and he had been a surfer for a long time like myself.  Turns out the guy asked if I could use some extra cash.  “Of course”, is what I replied.  So I went over to his business the very next day and it was a tree service company.  At that time, he had landed a contract for some palm tree trimming jobs at this big apartment community.  He really didn’t have enough staff so he brought me on for part time to begin with.  I kept my night job for sure.

Long story short, he had a family member back on the mainland that was ill and he needed to go and get their affairs together.  His company was pretty small as they really only had a couple of trucks.  When he got back to the mainland, he decided he wanted to stay so he gave me a call and we worked out for some jobs to do a split until we reached the number we had agreed upon for me to buy the business.  I went out and got more and more jobs, hired a bunch more people and look at us now.  Absolutely amazing – and I’m living in Paradise!  ALOHA AND MAHALO!

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