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What can we say – Maui is the land of Aloha and palm trees are just about everywhere you look. That’s one of the main reasons that Maui Tree Pros got its start. We landed a few big contracts for palm tree trimming and next thing you knew we were off to the races. Yes, palm trees are stunning and they really capture the feeling of being on Maui. However, with that beauty comes a bit of maintenance and consistent scheduling of palm tree trimming. Our company has the latest and greatest palm tree trimming equipment in the industry. From our fleet of cherry picker trucks all the way to the best shredders to make sure that our job is nice and tidy from beginning to end.

We can go just about the entire island for palm tree trimming and we’ve got you covered for all of your palm tree needs. Whether it’s a standard residential job, a commercial community or even hospitality properties, we’ve got a handle on it. There really is no palm tree trimming job too small or too big. Our crews are trained and prepared to handle just about any size of palm tree that you have in a safe and friendly way. Our palm tree crews focus on strictly all palm tree trimming and tree removal jobs and are mostly working day in and day out for that matter alone. We are totally trained in safety and we believe that is the most important factor when it comes to palm tree trimming. Always keep everyone safe – whether it’s our team or just innocent people standing by – that’s what we strive for.

We often get the question – “When should we get our palm trees trimmed?” Well that’s an excellent question and one we can always help you out with. You really need to make sure and keep up with the palm tree trimming process as steady as you can as they can really make a mess if you don’t. If you don’t keep the palm trees trimmed, it really does effect the health and well being of the tree for sure. Once you see that there are brown colored dead palm fronds on the tree, it’s time to get them off. This is necessary so that the new fronds can sprout out. Not only is it necessary for the tree to have good health, but the mess the fronds and flowers can make around the area of the palm tree. Not to say that the flowers are so light weight and travel far in our trade winds effecting other areas away from the trees. So with that being said, most young and mature palm trees need to be trimmed on average about two times per year. Our staff usually sets up a maintenance schedule for you and reaches out about every six months so you don’t have to think about when you should do palm tree trimming.

When you keep up with the trimming process and are consistent doing so, you really increase length of time for the palm tree. Since the average palm tree lives about 100 years, it makes sense to take care of them and keep them in their beautiful shape. Palm tree trimming will also keep the tree from decaying or housing pests like rodents and even bee hives. These scenarios can make it so the palm tree simply just needs to be removed once those things happen. Rats and insects seem to just love the dead palm fronds as it’s a great way to keep predators away from them. Once infested, these critters seem to spread out and go to other trees so literally you could lose several trees if this happens.

Fire and the spreading of fire is the most threatening thing when it comes to dead palm tree fronds. The fronds ignite very easily as the flowers act like little matches and let the fire spread quickly to not just the tree but other trees and buildings nearby. If the fronds are lit on fire and get picked up with the wind, they can fly to rooftops and other structures in the area. This can become a massive fire in a very short period of time. You can see how if there are several palm trees in one specific area that haven’t been properly maintained, they can literally start a sort of fire storm that can be extremely dangerous for several reasons. Palm tree trimming can really eliminate that threat and keep the area clean and safe.

By keeping the palm trees trimmed lets other beneficial things happen too. When you keep them properly trimmed, that allows the sun to shine into the inner part of the tree encouraging growth and nutrition. The sunlight exposure will keep the tree growing and be a part of its continued good health.

Maui Tree Pros are the palm tree trimming experts in all of Maui. We know exactly how much of a palm tree to trim and take away without endangering the tree in any way. Over trimming a tree can be a very serious problem for a palm tree as it exposes the center core to sunlight. Too much sunlight can harm and burn a palm tree so it is important to know what you are doing in the palm tree trimming process. The number one goal is to make the tree appearance beautiful and clean and not trim beyond what is necessary. You can also visit our About Us page to know more about our company and services.

Yes, here in Maui there are tons of beautiful hotels and properties with gorgeous pools surrounded by the island friendly palm trees. Palm trees and pools can become a mixture for disaster quickly if the trees are not kept up. If the trees are not properly taken care of, they can have an adverse effect on the swimming pool. The actual flowers and palm fronds once blown into a pool can cause a severe chemical reaction diluting the chlorine content within the pool. This now causes the pool to not be properly treated and can lead to fungus and other ugly issues not appealing to the eye. The whole point of being by a pool with palm trees is to enjoy the lovely scenery – not to be looking at something disgusting. Maui Tree Pros literally trim thousands of palm trees by the pool every year and we know what we are doing hands down.

First impressions are everything and what do you think is the first thing you see once arriving to a property whether it be residential or commercial. Of course, it is the large palm trees swaying in the trade winds looking so peaceful. It is a fact that properties that maintain their palm tree trimming procedures can actually have higher market values. Of course, residential properties that are well maintained always get higher dollars once they have sold versus properties that were not well taken care of or run down.

So for all of your aloha palm tree needs, including palm tree trimming, tree removal or even palm tree transplanting, give the experts a call today and let us give you a free, no obligation estimate to get your job going.

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