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Here at Maui Tree Pros, we specialize in tree removal service as well as stump grinding and root removal. We can remove larger shrubs, smaller trees and even the tallest of all palm trees. There isn’t a tree that we can’t remove. We will do small residential jobs all the way up to major commercial projects – there really is no tree removal job too small or too big for our specially trained team. Once a larger tree has been removed, there will most likely be a large tree stub or roots that will need to be removed as well. This is when we utilize our stub grinding machine to carefully grind down the stub or root so that it is below the ground.

We take our jobs serious and make sure that safety is always first when it comes to our customers. Tree removal and Tree trimming service can be a difficult job and can often be dangerous. Just imagine, larger trees that are being brought down around homes, buildings and the general public. Our first line of business in a tree removal job is to make sure that no structures or people will be in harms way. Our team wants to make sure that we are taking every precaution to keep the job site out of any danger and the crew and people nearby safe. We only get one chance to prepare for a safe tree removal job and it always has to be correct. Once a larger tree or any size tree for that matter has been removed, we make sure that our team leaves the area as clean or cleaner than when we arrived. Our tree removal team leaves job sites like they were really never there.

While there are many reasons why you would want to remove a tree, the most common one is that it has taken a turn for the worse and now is an eye soar. This happens mainly because the water supply has been cut off or defective in some way. Sometimes we are able to get the water back to the tree and the tree will not have to be removed. That scenario is not always the case when we go to a potential tree removal job site. Tree removal may also need to occur if a tree is now growing towards any structures or live utility wires. The trade winds here in Maui may actually cause a tree to grow sideways and potentially cause a dangerous situation. That’s when it would be time to definitely remove the tree and keep from having any more harm to an exposed area.

Other than appearance of a tree that is failing, there can be additional signs that a tree is having difficulty. Here are some of those signs:

When there are mushrooms or other fungi near the base of the tree
If there are dead branches hanging down or broken off from the crown of the tree
When there are thinner twig looking like branches with no living buds or leaves
If there are large cracks in the trunk of the tree
When bark is chipping off of the tree

Our team will gladly come take a look at any tree that you are not sure about. We are the experts and will definitely know if a tree removal is necessary or if the tree can be saved. Call us at Maui Tree Pros to schedule our free consultation appointment today.

Trees that are leaning to one side or another can also be a sign that a tree is having stress issues. Not just wind makes a tree lean to the side. This typically is a root problem and weakening the base underground, forcing the tree to lean to one side. Sometimes, roots can be treated and get the tree growing strong again and other times the tree will need to be removed. We pretty much go by the 15% rule. So if a tree is leaning over 15% from standing straight, the tree removal process will pretty much need to take place.

Once a tree is planted, it doesn’t mean that it’s all good to have a nice long life. Trees can often out grow their surroundings. This is a case where tree removal services will be necessary. Trees and their roots can severely damage foundations and nearby buildings. It seems odd, but we’ve seen roots that have actually grown into a home and cracked the foundation. We have to utilize our stump grinding machine for these situations. Power sources and live wires also can cause a tree to have to be removed or transplanted. In some circumstances, we can simply trim the top of the tree or crown rather than do a complete tree removal or transplant.

Maui Tree Pros also performs emergency tree removal system and we have a crew on call all day every day. If there is a severe storm that knocks over a tree in to a home or business, our emergency team will be there to remove the tree and not cause any other damages. If there are live wires or any other sort of utility that the tree could damage, it is imperative that our team remove the tree as quickly as possible to keep the situation from escalating out of control. That is why our tree removal team is the best here in Maui.

Being that we are in the emergency tree removal business, we understand how important it is that we work with all insurance companies. Our billing team has fantastic relationships with almost all of the major insurance offices and really make sure your claim goes through without a problem. We will follow the insurance claim from the beginning all the way to the end to make it so you don’t have to come. Visit our About Us page to know more about our company.

We also specialize in cleaning up areas where a larger tree was removed. That is when we utilize our stump grinding process to remove tree stumps and larger roots. The larger the tree, the larger the leftover stump and roots. Stump grinding and root removal is a process that we are really good at and you will never know a tree was actually there once we’re finished.

If you need a professional opinion by arborist and tree experts that have been in the industry for decades, give us a call. Maui Tree Pros professional staff will get you in the schedule as soon as possible to resolve all of your tree removal and palm tree trimming issues. We’re always on time and guarantee the best tree removal rates on the island.

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