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Maui Tree Pros is really the expert when it comes to tree trimming. We dedicate an entire staff for tree trimming jobs. With decades of experience and licensed arboriculturist, we are able to conduct the most professional analysis and management of trees, shrubs, vines and other perennial plants. What are the reasons that you would want to have your trees trimmed? Well, one of the main reasons is because by trimming the tree you can actually thicken the look of the tree and make it even grow more rapidly. It does matter what kind of tree it is and if you need a tree trimming in Maui procedure done.

When you trim a tree for the well being of the tree, this is often called pruning. Pretty much all types of trees need pruning. Pruning involves taking branches off of the tree that are decayed or diseased and interfering with the actual growth of the tree. Sometimes, branches may become infested with all types of critters including insects. This is why tree trimming – or tree pruning becomes essential to the health and well being of tree and will add to the length of life of the tree.

Tree trimming and tree pruning can also help guide the growth of the tree to fit into specific areas that they are located. This is a handy procedure especially if you have a tree that is close to a certain structure or building. Tree trimming basically tells the tree where it can grow and points the tree to the direction it needs to be. A tree can actually be altered in direction by doing tree trimming and make it grow into alternative directions. By maintaining the health of the tree with tree trimming or tree pruning, it will assist in the life of the tree and minimize broken or falling branches as well.

By keeping up with tree trimming, it may seem like you are moving in the wrong direction as far as the growth of the tree. It’s pretty much like taking a few steps backwards before forging ahead. Tree trimming and tree pruning removes decayed, diseased and pest infested areas of a tree so that it can thrive and grow even better and faster. This is why you hire Maui Tree Pros to get the most professional tree trimming and tree pruning service on the Island. We are available to come and take a look at your trees, shrubs or even vines today so give us a call.

A lot of times we get asked about trimming the lower branches of a tree. Trimming the lower branches can actually damage the tree and cause it to weaken. The rule of thumb is to not remove more than 4 inches in diameter when doing an annual tree trimming process. The crown of the tree – which is the top – should be about 60% of the tree where the leaves and the lower area are the remaining 40%. If this is not balanced near those figures, the tree will definitely become weak and stands great chances of failing. Tree trimming is really a specialty with our company and we have the most expert staff for all of your needs.

Since we are in Maui, tree trimming can pretty much be done to fit your schedule. We really don’t have seasons, so anytime is a good time. Because of the mild climate, you may find that your trees and shrubs grow a bit faster than normal. It also will depend on what type of tree that you are dealing with in regards to how many times per year it will need to be trimmed. Pine trees and other evergreen trees don’t require too much work where palm trees and other types of shrubs will need to be trimmed more frequently. The professional arborist that we have on staff will have the best knowledge of when to trim your trees. You should never trim a tree when it is in bloom as that will definitely prevent the growth of the tree.

Larger trees may require trimming more frequently just based on space available. If a tree starts to grow towards any type of structure or utility lines, it will have to be trimmed much more frequently. In some cases, it might make sense to even remove the tree if it becomes a major deal to maintain. Tree trimming in these circumstances can be tricky as our team will need to be cautious not to trim too much from the lower part of the tree.

Our professional arborist here at Maui Tree Pros really know there stuff and analyze all tree trimming or pruning situations before getting started. There are several different types of tree trimming.

Crown Restoration – this is where the top of the tree is cut back removing dead branches or parts of the tree that is decayed.

Crown Raising – this is when the lower part of the tree is trimmed to enhance the growth of the upper part.

The most popular type of tree trimming the crown – or top of the tree – cleaning. It is when the dead branches and decaying areas are removed from the top to enhance the appearance of the tree.

Maui Tree Pros is here for all of your tree and stump removal services. We are licensed and bonded with over 15 years of experience in Maui. If you or your business require any tree removal whatsoever, just give us a call today and schedule an appointment with our friendly team. We love to work around your schedule and we promise to always be on time. We don’t ever mind doing free, no obligation estimates for any of your tree services. We are the experts here on Maui and are educated and trained to the highest standards in the industry. We look forward to handling any and all of your tree issues. Next time a storm does damage to any of your yard or trees, make sure to reach out to our emergency team for prompt, efficient service. We are available seven days a week and twenty four hours a day for you. You can also visit our About Us page to know more about our services.

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